Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose

  1. We’re not satisfied until you are
    We focus on your "NEEDS" and "WANTS", which means everything that happens from the time your submit the application is about you.
  2. We work with you to rebuild your credit
    Our highly trained reps will work hard to get you an auto loan that fits comfortably into your budget and gets you back on the road to improving your credit.
  3. Your privacy is important to us
    We always respect your privacy and will never sell your information to anybody. We handle everything from within our system, you are not going to get passed around.
  4. We are the home of “$0 down” car loan approvals
    Since our team works hard to keep monthly payments low, most of our car loan applicants enjoy taking delivery of the vehicle with no upfront down payment. This is not the case always, depends on you and your situation, but 98% will see this opportunity.
  5. No need to come to us, we will come to you!
    We are proud to offer complimentary delivery service to all of our customers.
  6. We go above and beyond to ensure your safety
    Every vehicle sold is thoroughly inspected by highly trained service technicians.
  7. Low interest rate car loan approvals
    With over 30 partnered lenders in Canada, we always strive to get you the lowest interest rate possible. Remember, we don’t work for the bank, we work for YOU.

How can everyone be approved?

We have the ability through our partners to get everyone approved. The only thing that would stop someone from getting approval, is not having the ability to pay. That being either there is no income available or something along those lines. As long as you can "pay" for the loan, we can get you approved.

How long does it take?

Here's the amazing part about, you have the opportunity to be driving within 48 hours. Sometimes it will take a few days, but in most cases you'll be taking delivery very fast.

What are the rates like?

Depending on your credit rating, your rate will be determined by that. Just so you know, gone are the days of over rating and under value, you'll actually have any opportunity to get a great rate.